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Article How to pick a language school in Japan

How to pick a language school in Japan

By Peter Hanami
© Copyright Peter Hanami, 2009. All rights reserved.

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1.     What method, curriculum & resources do they use? 

When contacting schools find out as much as you can about their teaching method, curriculum and resources (textbooks). Not all schools are the same. For example: do they only teach you hiragana for a year before teaching kanji. How do they teach, (lecture or interactive class or just reading & writing with no speaking)?

2.    Pick a school close to where you live

          Travel is expensive, especially daily travel. Best if you can bicycle to school from 
          home. It will save you time & money.

3.    What kind of students are studying at the school?

Ask about who are the current students, where do they come from, what ages and   what is their study purpose. Ask how many students from your home country are at the school (ask for their details & ask them directly about their experiences.)

4.     Pick a school with a transparent fee system

Japanese language schools have many fees. For example: Registration fee, textbook fee, testing fee, copying fee, photo fee, administration fee, holiday fee, cleaning fee, etc.  

Ask for the total fees for the period you wish to study. Don't pay more than a semester in advance & always get an official receipt called a ryoshusho (領収証) & make sure it is itemized, so you can understand each item. 

5.     Ask for free trial lessons or sit in on a class for your level.

          Good schools will always allow you to sit in on classes as a prospective student. 
          If a school doesn't allow you to see a class, just cross them off your list.

Remember that studying Japanese takes years of practice, patience and perseverance.

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© Copyright Peter Hanami, 2009. All rights reserved.

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