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Article Why aren't you recruiting Japanese students?


Why aren't you recruiting Japanese students?

By Peter Hanami

International students are now big business in Australia, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics; in 2002 international students spent approximately $5.2 billion dollars in Australia, with $2.7 billion spent on tuition fees alone.

If the education industry is to continue and maintain its growth, it should now begin to develop long term plans that aim to nurture and strengthen relations with key countries. Japan should be one of these countries.

Australia's relationship with Japan has developed over the past sixty years with an important emphasis on trade. This relationship should be used to further develop the new international education industry and create an image that shows Australian education as world class.

Japanese students are very important to the long-term future of international education, as they are key customers. That is, Japanese students are often roles models for other Asian cultures. For Example, Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese students look up to, respect and are drawn to many things used by this market, i.e., manga comic, pop music and fashion just to name a few. Japanese quality is also part of this image and when combined provides something that is cool and aspirational to other students. If your institution can attract Japanese students your institution in the eyes of other Asian cultures must be good, as Japanese students demand the best. This is the first component.

The second is that Japanese parents put education as a high priority and save, long and hard for their children's education. Thrift with money is a key part of Japanese culture handed down from the samurai period.

Thirdly, Japanese students can easily get a visa for study in Australia with a visa 1 class the highest available. In some cases, depending on course of study this is higher than for British students who want to study in Australia.

Finally, Japanese students are good students. They are hard working, diligent, study a range of courses including ELICOS ,VET and Higher education and continue to project the institutions brand and reputation long after graduation as important alumni.

Australia has the opportunity to distinguish itself as a high quality education provider. The programs it designs and the students it recruits will determine the future of the industry. Let's hope that Japanese students are considered in the strategic development of this new and exciting industry.

“Why aren’t your recruiting Japanese students",

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© Copyright , Peter Hanami, 2004. All Rights Reserved.

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