Sunday, June 02, 2013

Japanese customers and items they rely on when the seasons change and pack away clothes

Japanese customers spend a lot of time each year changing their clothes for each season. Japan has four main seasons plus two extra ones (rainy season & the start of high humidity weather).

When changing season its customary to pack away clothes & prepare for the next season. To help when doing this a nifty product called bouchuuzai 防虫剤 or as we know in the west, mothball repellant is a useful product at these times of packing. 

The Japanese version is small, light and has a time code built in which tells you when it has expired which is very convenient. 

The ones featured below are a one year type. So you just wash your clothes, fold them up, place them into a plastic bag or box together with a bouchuuzai unit and the jobs done.


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