Monday, February 02, 2015

Videos: Motorcycle Touring Japan a 16 day adventure by kawamotoeizou

Motorcycle touring in Hokkaido Japan Copyright Peter Hanami 2005

To capture what it's really like when you tour Japan by motorcycle with film is very difficult so its refreshing to see a series of videos that captures a true essence of what it's like from the riders view. This series of videos about a road trip undertaken in Japan in 2014 is great viewing. 

The video quality is outstanding and the meticulous camera angles and editing that show each part of the trip are exceptional. 

Enjoy the nineteen bilingual videos in the series that detail a 16 day journey across Japan!

A very humurous and fun way to see what its really like when you camp and ride in Japan.

Congratulations to kawamotoeizou for an excellent series of videos 

 By kawamotoeizou, YouTube Channel

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