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● (Book) 

" I passed JLPT N3 ....your guide for JLPT N3 was indispensible" 

Melissa Francis

● (Book) 

" a comprehensive plan of action ” 

John Westwood, The Age Newspaper 

● (Book) 

" ..sections based on his personal experiences are excellent " 

Julie Devine

● (Book) 

" make sure you read Peter's book before you go to (Japan)" 

Leader Newspaper

● (Book) 

" the best way to travel around Japan on a motorcycle" 

Scott Evans

● (Book) 

" riding around Japan is the best way to see the country" 

Clare Berghofer

● (Book) " Makes me wish I knew how to ride a bike!" 

David Hobson

● (Book) 

“ inspiring… I just wanted to get on a bike and go" 

Shane Byrne

● (Book) 

"for anyone wishing to experience a new culture" 

Mark Dulhunty



 " Peter helped me to prepare for Japan, I had a lot of questions and he went through each one and he provided insights based on his experiences which was very useful. He also .. helped me to better understand the culture"  

Rob Deutsch

● (Client

" (Peter) put into context the (Japanese)...people,.culture, behaviour" 

Sally P

● (Client) 

" Peter's key skills are his ability to..understand..Asian culture" 

John W

● (Client) 

" produces work of a high standard: Lou.K

● (Client) 

" a team player .and a leader" Roger. M

● (Client) 

" thanks for a job well done" Bruce F

● (Client) 

" Thank you for your help and guidance,
   and thanks for all the knowledge (you shared)" Mark.D


● (Research) 

" indentification of the factors that deliver success " 

   Alison Broinowski, PhD, Australian National University

● (Research) 

" it gave us a lot of useful information." 

    Kate Parlane, Education New Zealand

● (Research) 

"useful research that explored buyer behaviour" 

   David Ferguson, NZTE

● (Research) 

" fills a substantial gap in our understanding" 

   Rawdon Dalrymple

● (Research) 

   " a clearly constructed report with interesting case studies" 

  Nena Johnston

● (Research) 

   "Peter this is an excellent submission! engage widely with the literature and apply        this to your teaching. Congratulations on a quality reflective piece"

    Kylie, F.

● (Seminar) 

   "High in practical tips..great introduction...excellent insights" 

   Karen Lloyd

● (Newsletters) 

   "..Love your work" 

   Athena V

● (Website) 

    "Excellent (content)...Well done" 

    John. M.

● (Website) 

  “ I like your (content)...Good stuff!” 

  Paul G

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