Sunday, May 02, 2021

Training Tip: The 5 minute Lesson Plan


    1. Why are we learning this? This topic is important because..... 

    2. Objectives for this lesson, this class we will 1, 2, 3

    3. Engagement - How can you get the learners involved?

    4. Recap what you taught the last lesson, eg, ask a question?

    5. Present new material for today's topic

    6. Modelling - how will you present the content?

    7. How will you break the content into small and manageable chunks?

    8. What are the Literacy and Numeracy aspects of the content?

    9. Consider the difficulties learners may face and how you will overcome these?

    10. How will you make the content stick in a memorable way? eg, story, case, precedent, news, saying, quote, picture?

    11. Review the transitions of the content and check that the flow and logic is clear

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