● Endorsements



“Peter was my student in the Master of Education and studied an Advanced subject in this course, called The Second Language Curriculum subject. His final mark was 90/100 which was a H1, First Class Honours. Peter's strengths were his ability to contribute to the class discussion and engage with other students (domestic and international). He also met the requirements for academic writing and referencing at Masters level. His final project was to design a second language curriculum in which he creatively showed his skills and knowledge of the topic and integrated conceptual, theoretical, pedagogical principles to offer a sophisticated design." 

Mahtab Janfada

Lecturer at The University of Melbourne

Business Development

"Peter was in Sales, he was heavily focused on developing the student experience through his passionate belief in the value of the international education experience. He was extremely dedicated to his work which was balanced with a jovial nature that warmly welcomed potential students to our modest boutique college. I would recommend Peter should you require a deeply knowledgeable person with a commitment to achieving goals balanced alongside a great humanitarian."

Jason Price

Australian Educationalist living in India

Customer Service

"Peter was extremely helpful after I contacted him for career advice, following my move to Melbourne. He was very quick to respond and ultimately made very useful suggestions in terms of career options. I would highly recommend Peter’s services to others seeking career advice."

Ian Jelley

Communications Officer at Metro Trains Melbourne

Customer Reviews of My Books

● (Book) Japanese Language Guide to the N3JLT test

" I passed JLPT N3 ....your guide for JLPT N3 was indispensible" 

Melissa Francis

● (Book) Careers in Advertising Marketing and Selling

" a comprehensive plan of action ” 

John Westwood, The Age Newspaper 

● (Book) Living and Teaching English in Japan

" ..sections based on his personal experiences are excellent " 

Julie Devine

● (Book)  Living and Teaching English in Japan

" make sure you read Peter's book before you go to (Japan)" 

Leader Newspaper

● (Book) Motorcycle Japan

" the best way to travel around Japan on a motorcycle" 

Scott Evans

● (Book) 

" riding around Japan is the best way to see the country" 

Clare Berghofer

● (Book) Motorcycle Japan

" Makes me wish I knew how to ride a bike!" 

David Hobson

● (Book) Motorcycle Japan

inspiring… I just wanted to get on a bike and go
…particularly liked the costing …
allows me to accurately budget for the trip" 

Shane Byrne

● (Book) Motorcycle Japan

"this guide offers great knowledge and reference points
 for anyone wishing to experience a new culture
 and create life long memories"
Mark Dulhunty

Client Feedback

● (Client

“Peter likes a challenge, friendly, funny and full of knowledge”              

● (Client
“Peter has a great outlook on life and business success”

● (Client

“I find it very good how you explain things and share moments of your life”

● (Client

“Treats his students as equals and makes a genuine effort to teach  them”

● (Client

 “Well organised and confident”

● (Client                        

“You are an excellent communicator with charm and heaps of                                    charisma”

● (Client

“An excellent teacher in the way you are organised and logical”

● (Client

“Peter really gives it a 110%”

 ● (Client
“Very good teaching skills, simplifies difficult information and
provides excellent examples”

● (Client

“I found Peter ..to be a very good teacher who was always
willing to help me when I needed help”

● (Client

“Peter ….is an excellent teacher with a lot of energy and has
great control over the class”         


 " Peter helped me to prepare for Japan, I had a lot of questions and he went through each one and he provided insights based on his experiences which was very useful. He also .. helped me to better understand the culture"  

Rob Deutsch

● (Client

" (Peter) put into context the (Japanese)...people,.culture, behaviour" 

Sally P

● (Client) 

" Peter's key skills are his ability to..understand..Asian culture" 

John W

● (Client) 

" produces work of a high standard: Lou.K

● (Client) 

" a team player .and a leader" Roger. M

● (Client) 

" thanks for a job well done" Bruce F

● (Client) 

" Thank you for your help and guidance,
   and thanks for all the knowledge (you shared)" Mark.D


● (Asia) "Asia leadership skills, particularly Asian language skills" 

Emeline S

● (Asia) "a deep knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture and language” 

Julia G

● (Business Development) “you are being awarded a performance bonus" 

Kirk P

● (Business Development) "Peter's key skills are his ability to..gain new business"

John W

● (Communication) "Peter has an infectious smile and a warm personality”

Nicola H

● (Communication) “offers open communication to his work colleagues"

Rosemarie P

● (Customer Service) "(Clients) feel very supported in their learning"

Lynda B

● (Customer Service) “(Peter) his interaction and rapport with (clients) is excellent”

Howie G

● (Digital) "Peter’s digital skills launched my business and gained new revenue"


● (Digital) "Love your newsletters" 

Athena V

● (Leadership) "one of the most effective teachers we have ever had” 

Bob B

● (Leadership) "I rated him excellent (awareness of needs, teaching & preparation)" 

Tom K

● (Teamwork) (Peter) "invariably exceeds....requirements" 

Colin B

● (Teamwork) “Peter..has a creative and practical work approach”

Leslie S

● (Teamwork) “Peter..has consistently shown initiative & great dedication" 

Renee H

● (Research) "helping to fill a substantial gap in our understanding" 

Rawdon D

● (Research) "a clearly constructed report with interesting case studies" 

Nena J


● (Research) 

" indentification of the factors that deliver success " 

   Alison Broinowski, PhD, Australian National University

● (Research) 

" it gave us a lot of useful information." 

    Kate Parlane, Education New Zealand

● (Research) 

"useful research that explored buyer behaviour" 

   David Ferguson, NZTE

● (Research) 

" fills a substantial gap in our understanding" 

   Rawdon Dalrymple

● (Research) 

   " a clearly constructed report with interesting case studies" 

  Nena Johnston

● (Research) 

   "Peter this is an excellent submission! ...you engage widely with the literature and apply        this to your teaching. Congratulations on a quality reflective piece"

    Kylie, F.

● (Seminar) 

   "High in practical tips..great introduction...excellent insights" 

   Karen Lloyd

● (Newsletters) 

   "..Love your work" 

   Athena V

● (Website) 

    "Excellent (content)...Well done" 

    John. M.

● (Website) 

  “ I like your (content)...Good stuff!” 

  Paul G