Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mobile Phones and their link to your marketing

Mobile Phones and their link to your marketing

By Peter Hanami

Mobile Phones have become an integrated part of Japanese society. In some families all members own and use a mobile phone (Keitai).

Usage can be seen through emailing each other during the day to notify if they will be home for dinner and about events that occur throughout the day.

A number of phone companies are now actively targeting the "silver segment" of the market, (retired people), with their own type of phone that has large easy to read buttons and an array of simple but useful features.

Mizuko Ito, provides some interesting insights into Mobile Phones and their use in Japan in her paper 

"Personal Portable Pedestrian: Lessons from Japanese Mobile Phone Use"

"Japan has also been considered an incubator of popular consumer trends that integrate portable technologies with urban ecologies and fashions".

Key Point:

What segments are you attempting to attract and what is their relationship with Mobile Phones?

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