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Peter Hanami: “It’s a big risk, going to university, much bigger than it used to be,” - Robin Naylor A real problem for Japanese students

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It’s a big risk, going to university, much bigger than it used to be

Robin Naylor, at Warwick University

Sep 18th 2008, From The Economist print edition
Is a university degree still worth the time and money it takes?


The above quote sums up a lot when considering how Japanese international students select a course of study overseas.

Difficulties exist in selecting the right university, (how to evaluate its brand, reputation, expertise and credibility in the marketplace particularly with employers back home), how to pick the right course (is it recession proof, growing, can it sustain a career for 10 years?, or is it just a fad, does it lead to a job, how much could I earn with this course first year out?), what is the universities expertise with international students? (do they have a track record with my culture, do they have support systems for me, do they understand my education system, what I have already studied, do they have support for improving my English language skills, are their staff patient toward non -English language speakers, how many students from my culture have studied at the university and what have they achieved?) and finally, what are the benefits of going overseas versus staying home and studying at a local university which is already well known with local employers, how hard will it be for me to sell a foreign unknown university with an advanced course and content to a conservative local employer who puts more emphasis on me fitting in than what I did overseas, will I have trouble fitting back into my culture when I return home after study?, will my foreign qualification brand me an upstart and create people in my company to resent me as a show off and make my life hard as a new graduate?

Yes for Japanese international students,
 it is a big risk going to a foreign university.

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