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Article A Career in Marketing Ten Things to Consider


A Career in Marketing - Ten Factors to Consider

By Peter Hanami

10 things to consider when pursuing a career in Marketing

Picking a career is never an easy task, but having good sources of information are vital in making the best decisions.

1. Industry knowledge

Do I know enough about the industry I am about to enter? There are a number of trade bodies that can provide you with detailed information about the industry and how it works. For Example, the Australian Marketing Institute ( ) has offices in every state and provides a forum to meet and learn firsthand from practicing marketers through a range of seminars they hold on various topics.

2. Support Network

Do you have a good support network? A network of people who can help and advise you about planning your career, developing your skills and working through problems you encounter. People like to share their experiences so having a mentor is a valuable tool..

3 Education

Do I have the educational requirements to work in this field? Depending

on which sector you choose to work in, you will find a wide range of educational requirements. For example: If you like Graphics and you want to work in a large company, you may find you need an Art’s degree to enter. Whereas, if you approach a smaller company you may be find that you are excepted based on your degree of skill using a type of software or your portfolio of work.

4. Experience

Do I have the experience required to work in my chosen area?. You have the opportunity to ask people currently working in the position you want, what skills they have, how they acquired them and what they recommend for someone starting out. To get this information you should approach people with the intent of getting information, not a job and you will find that people will be more receptive to your requests.

5. Personality

Do I have the personality to work in this field? Taking a personality test such as the Myers Briggs test could help you develop your hidden skills. In John Holland’s research ,“Making Vocational choices, a theory of careers”, in which he proposes six categories, he suggests that marketing as an occupation fits under the Enterprising category. People in this category display energetic, aggressive, self-confident, risk taking, argumentative, adventuresome, persuasive, competitive, status conscious and ambitious characteristics.

6. Trend

Am I picking a course that’s just popular at the moment ? To answer this you must do your research. Find out what jobs past graduates have and talk to them about their experiences. Neville Taylor hit the nail on the head when he said “ All too frequently people choose between courses of study or training instead of an occupation. They select the course which most interests them, without giving much thought to the type of job that it leads to. As a result it is not uncommon for these people to have liked their course but to be dissatisfied with the job they find themselves doing after the course.”

7. Plan

Do I have a good career plan with a defined goal and a strategy to help me reach it? Your goal should include an accomplishment, outcome, time frame, cost and a course of action to work through problems. As Arthur Rubinstein once said “There is no formula for success except, an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings”.

8. Change

Am I prepared for change ? The department of Social Security calculates the average work life of Australians to be 42 years. It is a long time. Have you thought about how the nature of your job and your industry will change. It is predicted that we will have at least six major changes in a our career. To survive these changes make sure that your skills are always up to date.

9. Special Skills

Do I have any special skills that will help me stand out? To keep competitive in the job market it is always worthwhile to have some extra skills that can help you stand out. For Example, a second language (Asian). These skills will take time and money to develop, but will pay handsome rewards in the long run, by making you more employable.

10. Enjoyment

Do I enjoy this kind of industry and work? To voice the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “People rarely succeed at anything unless they have fun doing it

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10 critical factors to consider when pursuing a career in marketing 

Marketing and E- Commerce Magazine,

Niche Media, Melbourne, Australia.October, 2002 .page 55.

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