Friday, January 17, 2014

Western marketers struggling to meet the needs of Japanese travellers?

Gion Matsuri Festival Kyoto Japan Copyright Peter Hanami 2014
Picture: Gion Matsuri Festival , Kyoto, Japan.

" The UK fails to rank in the top ten favourite destinations for ...Japanese travellers, a new study shows......Japanese with five leisure trips and an average spend of $4,800;The study ...pointed to Asian travellers’ preference for independent travel and high-quality holiday experiences...The study showed that 84% of Asian travellers say the first thing they would do when they reach a cafĂ©/restaurant or hotel is to check for free wi-fi."


1. What are the key factors in attracting Japanese tourists?

2. Do countries have the expertise, budgets and staff to best support this customer base?

3. How can UK and Australia improve their tourism marketing?

Source: UK not in Chinese travellers' top ten
By Phil Davies
16 January 2014

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