Sunday, May 27, 2018

What is Convenience Marketing?

Convenience is often under rated when it comes to marketing but getting a product or service into the hands of customers quickly and simply is no easy feat. Convenience marketing is a new dimension that is gaining more importance in the digital landscape. Convenience adds a level of comfort that is well regarded and often expected by consumers and if done right can become a competitive edge in creating brand loyalty and gaining retention. I will outline five convenience trends I have noticed that are adding value to customers.

1. Live Chat

Live Chat provides a level of convenience that customers love in the digital era. If done properly it can add value to a new customer, strengthen the bond with existing customers and even heal those grumpy customers who have given up on your company due to bad past experiences. Live Chat with simple access, focused staff with the authority and training to really help, can add great convenience to simple or complex products or services in real time.

2. Free delivery and return

Nothing helps make a customer decide to buy more than free delivery. If you are shopping for a bed, furniture, online purchases or even a car - free delivery will often seal the deal. But unfortunately many marketers in these industries still force customers to shell out delivery charges which they do begrudgingly. Delivery allows convenience for the customer, so it is surprising that more companies are not fully exploiting it to attract, manage and retain their customers

3. Free Wi-Fi

Smart phone usage continues to grow and customers use their phones in a variety of locations particularly while they are in store. Free Wi-Fi allows customers to connect while they are shopping. For Example: A survey commissioned by Devicescape in the US found that providing free Wi-Fi for customers actually increases: foot traffic, time spent on premises and the amount that each customer spends. Wi-Fi adds convenience and makes it easier for consumers to research and buy.

4. SMS ordering

SMS is a great tool on smart phones and can now be used for making orders for products and services. SMS is a personal communication tool that is on a different level to email in the consumers mind and can be used to deliver convenience. For example: Domino Pizza in Australia recently launched SMS ordering for pizza. Customers sign up for an account, download the app and register their details allowing SMS to simplify the ordering process. SMS can also be used to enhance customer satisfaction through surveys, to broadcast new campaigns, notify of customer specials or time sensitive discounts.

5. Individually wrapped products

Many food manufacturers are finding that individually packaged serves of food are in high demand by customers whether it be biscuits, chocolate or nuts. The big advances in packaging technology now allows a level of freshness that consumers have never enjoyed but have quickly become addicted to. The opportunity exists for companies to even go further and to add convenience by providing foods in their daily recommended doses of nutrition, for example: a milk product that delivers the daily requirement for calcium, a chocolate maker that provides the daily requirement of antioxidants, a nut packager that provides nutrition aimed at the consumers lifestyle stage, for example creating products that meet their nutritional requirements based on age, gender and health needs.

With all these great convenience trends we just hope that they soon become mainstream, as customers love convenience! As many countries are now facing periods of low economic growth and deflationary pressures, convenience marketing can attract new customers and keep existing customers loyal as the products and services become a part of their lifestyle and not just a shopping list item.

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