Wednesday, October 24, 2018

My eLearning journey

eLearning with eBooks

In 2003, I wrote my first eBook. One of my goals was to create online learning using eBooks whereby a learner could buy and download an eBook and work through it at their own pace with the full support of telephone, email and live chat with Skype. I designed, created and delivered three eBooks which included a variety of learning tools including videos, articles, web links and personal experiences. 

My eBooks, 

Motorcycle Japan - A Rider’s Diary”, 

N3 Japanese Language Proficiency Test Guide”, 
"First Trip to Japan
Living and Teaching English in Japan”. 

All of these started out as live courses and then I translated them into an online learning environment.
"High in practical tips...great introduction...excellent insights" Karen L
Living and Teaching English in Japan addresses issues faced by people going to live or teach in Japan, including insights into Japanese culture, how to find employment and general tips” 
Bayside Leader Newspaper
"I found it easy to break down into sections to study every day...I think the PDF format did it justice as it was easy to scroll through. I could load it onto my tablet PC for easy access on the move" Melissa Frances

Corporate Education using a Learning Management System

In 2005, I had the opportunity to work for Temple University Japan based in Tokyo as a Program Supervisor where I worked in Corporate Education, training business executives in a wide range of skills. The majority of my time was working with two large Fortune 2000 corporate clients who invested heavily in training their staff for interacting with the global market place. Working with Dyned International I oversaw an eLearning program that taught Business English through an online eLearning program that involved executives through personal online study combined with a blended learning component that involved a weekly in company class. Over a period of time I fine-tuned learner settings through scrutinizing the analytics of how users engaged with the online eLearning component which resulted in better assessment and feedback to users.
(Peter) are being awarded a performance bonus" Kirk P, Dean

GingaNet - Live Internet classes

I became Program Manager of Corporate Education at Nova Corporation in Akihabara, Tokyo in 2006. Nova was a leading provider of Business English in Japan with over 924 branches and annual sales of over 57 Billion Yen. My role was to recruit, manage and train clients in Business English using an innovative eLearning technology called “GingaNet”. The technology allowed live Internet lessons with a trainer guiding the lesson with a maximum of four students per class. The students could be from anywhere in Japan and classes ran for 40 minutes. Students booked classes online and connected for their lesson at the allocated time. As a trainer, I used a number of tools to engage learners including the use of a textbook, internet websites and text messages and calls to their mobile phones.
I enjoyed the classes because Peter always listened to me with a happy face even though sometimes my English was poor. Peter is always smiling and gentle. I could relax because he used simple English. Peter understood my English level and spoke to me at a level I could follow and understand
Yoko Taniguchi

Training staff using eLearning

BB was an innovative DaySpa that catered to the needs of professional women. My role in 2007 was to launch the start-up digitally, attract new customers, train staff and promote its services. Using eBooks, I designed, created and delivered staff customer service training which resulted in fewer mistakes, more repeat bookings, an increase in average spend and fewer refunds.
"Peter’s digital skills launched my business and gained new revenue" Seirei, CEO

Cloud-Based eLearning - Higher Education - Tertiary Courses

In 2015, I started at RMIT University as a Language Educator where I translated paper-based courses for digital delivery through eLearning. Working with internal and external stakeholders allowed me to gain insights into how to embed the curriculum for three courses with the latest digital technology. The clients were international students from seven different countries
"(Clients) feel very supported in their learning" Lynda Beagle
"I ...really liked your energy levels and rapport with...clients" David Threadgold
“(Peter) You make it possible for us to reach our targets” Rachel Holt, CEO
In 2018, I joined Deakin University to work on building a number of projects for Future Learn, the leading global social learning platform, owned by The Open University in the United Kingdom. Deakin University has partnered with Future Learn to deliver a range of postgraduate degrees. This is the first time a MOOC (massive open online course) provider has offered several degrees, fully online from its platform. My role as an eLearning Developer is to build great content for learners.

 “Excellent work …Well Done (Peter)” 
Nicholas E, Deakin University 
Over the last fifteen years, the one constant has been the use of new technologies to try to deliver a better experience for learners, wherever they may be. I see a very bright future for eLearning; please share your experiences by adding a comment below.
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