Wednesday, January 20, 2021

● Educational Design


● Assessment


Example 1 Unit Assessment Compliance

Example 2 Unit Assessment Elements

Example 3 Australian Quality Framework AQF


Learning Outcomes

Example 1 Linking to Assessment

Multiple Choice 

Example 2 

Peer Review


Example 1 Zoom

Example 2 Poll Everywhere


Example 1 Mahara



Example 1 Moodle

How to find staff at Monash?

How to access the Monash Law Intranet?

How to access Teaching and Learning Resources?

How to login to Moodle and access your unit? 

How to access your timetable on Allocate +?

How to install Monash Software to your computer?

How to log a service request for Information Technology support with eSolutions

How to book a room for a meeting?

Example 4 Slido

Reflective Assignment

Video Essay

● Blended Learning 

Example 5 

● Course Design 

Example 1 Mobile Course


I managed and improved this eLearning course at Temple University Japan
for Fortune 2000 corporate clients

DynEd International - New Dynamic English 

"eCourse: A comprehensive English language course that includes Placement Test, Mastery Tests, a sophisticated Records Management System, and helpful Teacher's Guides including 

Includes: Video, Speech Recognition, and a rich variety of language exercises make this award-winning English language course both engaging and productive. 

The instructional design pioneered by DynEd is a significant advance over traditional textbook-based language instruction. DynEd's brain-based, blended approach is supported by extensive, real-world experience with millions of learners around the world
The language models and multi-skill activities in the core courses (keep students engaged at an optimum level. Interesting topics, effective language sequencing, coordinated classroom activities, and the appropriate use of technologies such as Speech Recognition, foster learning and make it rewarding and enjoyable. In addition, DynEd's solutions include Placement and Mastery Tests. These ensure that students study at the appropriate level and provide continual progress assessment. An interactive Teacher Training Course is also available.

DynEd's award-winning Records Manager offers on-line tracking of student progress. It monitors the use of learning features such as voice record and Speech Recognition exercises. It also provides constructive feedback to both teachers and students through

DynEd's Intelligent Tutor. This feedback influences how students study and improves the efficiency of learning activities. In addition, data from the Records Manager can be used for accountability purposes, study-path control, and effectiveness studies.

Learn more about the DynEd Pro Mobile App  here


This course was designed for those who wanted to deeply develop their knowledge of Japanese scripts, reading, dictionary and vocabulary skills. It is designed to be used with an interactive Ebook that allows you to pace your learning and build on the content of the videos at anytime. 


● Teaches you how to look up Chinese characters 
● Introduction to scripts - Hiragana and Katakana
● Introduction to key radicals
● Learning scaffolded by grade from 1 to 6
● eBook provided detailed vocabulary for each grade

This course was developed to help travellers who want to hire and ride a motorcycle around Japan independently. The course was based on an eBook that allowed you to read and interact with videos and resources.

● How to prepare for Japan
● What gear to take
● How to hire a motorcycle
● Foods to try
● Language and Culture
● Guides for Kyushu, Shikoku and Hokkaido

Example 4 Second Language Course

● Curriculum

Example 1 Second Language 

● Digital Literacy

Example 2 PowerPoint to Google Slides

Example 3 Voice dictation in Google Doc

Example 4 How to make a Bitmoji avatar

● Future Work Skills

● Games 


● Infographics

Example 5 Technology Survey - Japan 

● Instructional Guides 

● Intranet 

Example 2 Welcome Page

● Learning Management Systems (LMS)


Example 1


Example 1


● Learning Analytics

Example 1 Moodle

Example 2 Panopto

Example 3 Workplace

● Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)


● Mobile Learning Apps


● Personas

● Social Media

● Teacher Training

Example 1 Reachout Strategy

● Induction

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