Saturday, May 01, 2021

Technology: How to use QR codes when teaching online?


QR codes or Quick Response codes are very useful for training.

They allow your learners to quickly access a wide range of content  

1. Website link (resources) 
2. Video link (court case) 
3. Audio link (a testimony of a witness) 
4. Document (Link a Word document) 
5. Events (Great for a Zoom class)  

For example: Get learners to scan a QR code to enter a Zoom class  

1. Create the Zoom meeting and copy the URL link 

2. Open a QR code generator and insert the Zoom meeting link 

3. Create the QR code and download it as a picture file, either .jpg or .png format 

4. Upload the QR code picture file to the location that students can access, for example on the Moodle Page for your unit 

5. Test the link works by scanning the QR code with your phone

6. Announce the new method to learners via a post in your Forum. 

7. Ask students to ensure they have a QR code reader on their phones, post the information below for iPhone and Android phones. 

8. Also, make sure you put your email so learners can contact you if they have trouble 

9. In the next class if learners have trouble ask more experienced learners to help the inexperienced learners offline 

10. The key is to start slowly and test different ideas, content, and methods for using QR codes 

11. Take note of any issues that come up and improve these for the next class 

12. Enjoy!

What you need to do this?

QR code generator

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