Sunday, May 02, 2021

Testimonials for my recent work at Monash University

"Hi, Peter, Thanks for the follow-up and chat earlier. Sounds like a plan!" 

Kahoot inquiry

Legal Practice Manager

Jennifer Lindstrom

"That's sweet of you, Peter. Thanks! "
Troubleshooting Technical Issues Zoom,
Dr. Haemala Thanasegaran

"Hi, Peter, Thanks for checking in. It took a bit of mucking around as I had to get Esolutions to provide authorization for me to install the relevant software. I've now installed it but haven't actually used it yet!
Zoom Meeting Tips, 
Dr. Ronli Sifris

"Hi Peter, Thanks for your help so far with this"
Setting up Panopto and Zoom meetings practice, 
Dr. Steve Kourabas

"Hi, Peter, Thanks for the check-in and offer of assistance. I've been in discussions with the faculty about the unit but will get in touch with you if I need further assistance." 
Educational Design Support
Erica Contini

"Thanks, Peter, I've got it all under control. Best wishes, Heli"
Associate Professor 
Heli Askola

"Thanks, Peter, this is incredibly useful and has assuaged my anxiety about using Zoom for teaching significantly." 
Educational Design Support
Lucy Line

That was super quick! Thanks! (Peter)
Learning Management System Updates
Luke Beck 
Associate Dean of Education

Peter has been invaluable in his research and creation of resources to help the smooth start of the (Flipped Contract Law) project” 

“This looks great Peter! Happy for you to go ahead”

"Great Job!"

David Stewart, 
Academic Services Manager 

“Glad to have your help”
Rachel Kessler, 
Chief Examiner, 
LAW5650 Legal Tech Studio, 

“This is great, thank you so much!”
Cyndi Tomlinson, 

“Thanks for that”
Amber Tan

“Thanks Peter :-)”
Meli Voursoukis,
Academic Resources Coordinator 

“Thanks Peter - this is brilliant!”
Amy Scarlett, 
Senior Student Engagement & 
Employability Coordinator

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