“Peter likes a challenge, friendly, funny
  and full of knowledge”        

“Peter has a great outlook on life and business


“I find it very good how you explain things and 

share moments of your life”

“Treats his students as equals and makes a 

genuine effort to teach them”

Well organized and confident”


“You are an excellent communicator with

 charm and heaps of charisma”

“An excellent teacher in the way you are 

organized and logical”


“Peter really gives it a 110%”

“Very good teaching skills simplifies difficult 

information and provides excellent examples”

“I found Peter be a very good teacher 

who was always willing to help me when I 

needed help”

“Peter ….is an excellent teacher with a lot of 

energy and has great control over the class”  


" identification of the factors that deliver 


Alison Broinowski, Ph.D., 

Australian National University

Diplomat, Author

"(Peters research) It gave us a lot of useful 


Kate Parlane, Education New Zealand

"useful research that explored buyer 


David Ferguson, 

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

" fills a substantial gap in our understanding" 

Rawdon Dalrymple, OA

Ambassador to Japan (1989–1993).

"a clearly constructed report with interesting 

case studies" 

Nena Johnston

"Hi Peter, Thanks for the follow-up and chat earlier. Sounds like a plan!"

Kahoot enquiry, 

Jennifer Lindstrom

"That's sweet of you, Peter. Thanks! "

Troubleshooting Technical Issues Zoom,
Dr. Haemala Thanasegaran

"Hi Peter, Thanks for checking in. It took a bit of mucking around as I had to get eSolutions to provide authorisation for me to install the relevant software. I've now installed it but haven't actually used it yet!" 

Zoom Meeting Tips, 

Dr. Ronli Sifris

"Hi Peter, Thanks for your help so far with this"

Setting up Panopto and Zoom meetings practice, Dr Steve Kourabas,

"Hi Peter, Thanks for the check-in and offer of assistance. I've been in discussions with the faculty about the unit but will get in touch with you if i need further assistance." 

Erica Contini

"Thanks Peter, I've got it all under control. Best wishes, Heli"

Heli Askola, 

Associate Professor

"Thanks, Peter, this is incredibly useful and has assuaged my anxiety about using Zoom for teaching significantly." 

Lucy Line

“That was super quick! Thanks! (Peter)”
Luke Beck 
Associate Dean of Education

Fantastic and thanks so much for all your 

efforts and follow up Peter. I'll try this and 

report back

Nadine Huels, 

Teaching Associate, Monash Law, 

Thursday 19th March 2020.

“Peter has been invaluable in his research and creation of resources to help the smooth start of the (Flipped Contract Law) project” Thursday 11th July, 2019

David Stewart, Academic Services Manager his comments on my ADEP Q2 Plan

“This is great, thank you so much!”  Cyndi Tomlinson, Academic - How to improve your SETU scores, Wednesday 17th July, 2019

“Thanks for that” Amber Tan, Academic - After giving assistance on how to embed a video code on Moodle,  Monday 22nd July, 2019.

“Thanks Peter :-)” Meli Voursoukis, Academic Resources Coordinator for sending out emails to all new Teaching Associates, Thursday 25th July, 2019.

“Thanks Peter - this is brilliant!” Amy Scarlett, Senior Student Engagement and Employability Coordinator, re law student graduate information and statistics, Tuesday 30th July, 2019.


Faculty of Business and Law
Deakin University

“I’ve taken a look at Peter’s very good work” 

Chris Rawson 
Senior Educational Developer

"Peter's commitment to delivering digital content of the highest quality is underpinned by his deep understanding of online educational design, attention to detail, and his ability to learn and apply new technologies quickly.’’ 

Jessica Cheung
Digital Developer

"I worked with Peter at Deakin University. He brought valuable expertise in digital learning and higher education to our team and was an insightful and supportive colleague. I hope to work with him again in the future."

Kristen Richards
Senior Educational Developer

"(Peter) You made it possible for us to reach our targets'' 

Rachel Holt
RMIT Training

"It was a pleasure to work as Peter's co-teachers, preparing and delivering an Upper-Intermediate tertiary language course over two modules at RMIT University. Peter impressed me as is a highly-motivated, organized teacher who is always keen to develop his skills as a teacher and could develop inspiring relationships with his students. 

Indeed, Peter is tireless in his commitment to the wellbeing and academic outcomes of his students. Peter has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages, especially the cohort of late teen to adult international students. 

Peter eagerly takes up extra professional development opportunities, in particular during non-teaching days, and embraces any opportunity to share and learn from his colleagues and from external specialists. Thus it was not a surprise when Peter embarked on his Masters in Education to fulfill his ambition for professional knowledge and on-going commitment to self-improvement.

Peter has an amazingly positive attitude toward his profession. He is committed to teamwork and collaborative working relationships while displaying a strong commitment to confidentiality."

Vicki Dritsas
Senior Language Educator

"Peter and I worked together as co-teachers presenting a ten-week course of Academic Preparation skills at the Advanced level for international students at RMIT University. Peter's professionalism, his initiative in preparation, enthusiasm and particularly his skills in critical thinking and report writing helped me to deliver the course and we achieved a fantastic result whereby all the students graduated."

Marta Navales Calvera
Language Educator

"Extremely efficient, analytical and an excellent listener are the phrases that come to my mind when I think of Peter. We studied together at Melbourne University doing the MA and we also worked together at RMIT as language educators. Peter has in-depth knowledge of the English language and can be quite insightful about students' classroom behaviours. He will never say no to a conversation about big or small issues at work, which can be either in a formal meeting or over a casual coffee! Peter is a great person to work/study with and I hope that one day our paths will meet again!!!"

Maria Zygourakis

Language Educator

“I am pleased to inform you that you are being awarded a performance recognition of your contributions. TUJ exceeded its net surplus target ...Your contribution to this excellent financial result are greatly appreciated”

Kirk. R. Patterson, 

Dean, Temple University Japan

“(Peters) duties... included creation and demonstration of customized lessons and team-based curriculum development” 

Daniel Scott 
Director of Learning

"Through the Faculty of Business and Economics’ (UoM) Career Mentoring Program, I was extremely fortunate to be paired with Peter. Throughout our mentorship, Peter demonstrated a strong commitment to my personal and professional development. 

Above all, I was impressed with Peter’s ability to bring progressive and innovative strategies to enhance critical thinking, courage and resilience. 

Peter is a talented mentor and I highly recommend him for both personal and professional development. His precious insights into how to pursue better career choices, and result in a more aligned and satisfying career, was exceptionally valuable. 

Peter assisted me with my transition out of university into the workforce, as well as to increase my networking circle involving members of the industry in mutually beneficial relationships. I feel privileged to have shared this experience with Peter and am so grateful for the time and effort he dedicated to the program. 

Peter is an excellent mentor, coach, leader and friend. He demonstrates a passion for assisting others in their career development and expertise in his guidance. 

Anyone who has the opportunity to know or work with Peter is very lucky. And, of course, his personality gave a special atmosphere during our meetings."

Bart, P

“Peter was my student in the Master of Education and studied an Advanced subject in this course, called The Second Language Curriculum subject. His final mark was 90/100 which was an H1, First Class Honours. Peter's strengths were his ability to contribute to the class discussion and engage with other students (domestic and international). He also met the requirements for academic writing and referencing at Master's level. His final project was to design a second language curriculum in which he creatively showed his skills and knowledge of the topic and integrated conceptual, theoretical, pedagogical principles to offer a sophisticated design." 

Dr. Mahtab Janfada
Lecturer at The University of Melbourne

"Peter was in sales, he was heavily focused on developing the student experience through his passionate belief in the value of the international education experience. He was extremely dedicated to his work which was balanced with a jovial nature that warmly welcomed potential students at our college. I would recommend Peter should you require a deeply knowledgeable person with a commitment to achieving goals balanced alongside a great humanitarian."

Jason Price
Education Manager

"Peter's key skills are his ability to...gain new 


John Wilkins, 

Sales Manager

Australian Business College.

"Peter was extremely helpful after I contacted him for career advice, following my move to Melbourne. He was very quick to respond and ultimately made very useful suggestions in terms of career options. I would highly recommend Peter’s services to others seeking career advice."

Ian Jelley
Communications Officer at Metro Trains Melbourne

"Peter has an infectious smile and a warm personality

Nicola Hancock, Holmesglen TAFE

offers open communication to his work colleagues"

Rosemarie P

 "(Clients) feel very supported in their learning"

Lynda Beagle

 (Customer Service) 

“(Peter) his interaction and rapport with (clients) is excellent”

Howie G, Director, Arrowhead, USA

● (Digital)

 "Peter’s digital skills launched my business and gained new


Seirei, Tea Master, Tokyo, JAPAN.

● (Digital) 

"Love your newsletters"

Athena V

● (Leadership)

 "one of the most effective teachers we have ever had”

Bob Balderstone, WMIT

● (Leadership) 

"I rated him excellent 

(awareness of needs, teaching and preparation)" 

Tom K, Nova Corporation

● (Teamwork) 

"(Peter) invariably exceeds....requirements"

Colin B

● (Teamwork) 

Peter..has a creative and practical work 


Leslie S

● (Teamwork)

 “Peter..has consistently shown initiative and great 


Renee Hardwick, Red Cross

● (Teamwork)

"Peter...produces work of a high standard"

Lou Katz,

Program Coordinator

RMIT University

● (Teamwork)

"a team player ... and a leader" 

Roger M, Head Coach, Arrowhead, USA

● (Teamwork)

"Thanks for a job well done" 

Bruce Filcock, 

Business Director, NMIT 

● (Teamwork)

"Thank you for your help and guidance,

and thanks for all the knowledge (you 



● (Seminar

   "High in practical tips...great introduction

...excellent insights".

   Karen Lloyd

● (Newsletters

   "..Love your work" 

   Athena Vongalas

● (Website) 

    "Excellent (content)...Well done" 

    John Macrow

● (Website

  “ I like your (content)...Good stuff!” 

  Paul Grace

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